Pressing-info " THE HEAD CAT "   s/t  7"

5 Testpress copies on black
vinyl (small centerhole)
528 copies on crystal-clear vinyl (large centerhole)

Testpress sleeve  (#1-5)  handscreened  on red paper

Reg.ed. sleeves  (#1-400) handscreened + stamped inner-
, the first 5 sleeves with "3D like" misprint.

Digital-print sleeves (1-10) handstamped / 5 copies with
label-error (double paper) 5 copies w. light black spots

Digital-print sleeves (1-18) for the overpressed vinyl
     (All these copies for Band, Crew & Friends)

Lemmy sleeves  (#1-100) handscreened + stamped innersleeves
only available from Black Cat Records / France

There are also some unfolded sleeves around soon to at the
No Baller´s walls... :) 

SECOND PRESSING  510 copies white vinyl  (large centerhole)

Ltd./50 (#1-50) handsreened frontcover on white plastic sheets
+ handscreened backcover-art on innersleeve. Virgin white vinyl,
comes with bonus 7" black vinyl -Lonesome Spurs- (NBR #13) The
numbers are matched to the Head Cat vinyl

1 mispressed copy with small centerhole (owned by Stefan)
1 cover-art testprint on vinyl
(owned by Stefan) 

Reg.ed. sleeves  (#51-510) handscreened + stamped innersleeves