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Vinyl           only 1st.press Items

Danzig                                    US LP

Danzig                                    NL LP

Danzig                                    UK LP   (london r.)

Lucifuge                                  US LP   (w/ lyrics)

Lucifuge                                  UK LP

Dirty black summer                        UK  7"

Dirty black summer                        UK 12"

Dirty black summer                        UK 12"   Promo

How the Gods kill  III                    UK LP

Her black wings                           UK 12"   promo

Her black wings                           US 12"   promo double A-sided

Thrall Demonsweat live                    UK 12"   picture EP

Mother 94`                                UK 12"   Purple vinyl

Mother 94`                                UK  7"   pic. shape

4P                                        US LP

4P                                        UK LP

Brand new God / Until you call o.t. dark  UK 12"   promo

Sacrifice                                 US 12"   promo

Sacrifice                                 US 12"

Satans Child                              UK LP   pic. disc

Satans Child                              UK LP   pic. disc

Circle of Snakes                          EU LP   blue vinyl

Circle of Snakes                          EU LP   pic. disc  blue ed.

Circle of Snakes                                                                 EU LP   sec.press  clear vi.

Circle of Snakes                          EU LP   sec.p pic.d purple ed.

The Lost Tracks Of Danzig                 US do. LP 1st press Gatefold sl.



Danzig                                    US promo

Danzig                                    US promo (American Recordings)

Danzig                                    US 1st.ed in orig. Longbox !

Danzig                                    JP incl. obi

Danzig                                    UK

Mother                                    US promo only

Lucifuge                                  UK signed by the hole Band

Lucifuge                                  JP incl. obi

Lucifuge                                  US promo copy

Lucifuge                                  US promo (American Recordings)

Lucifuge                                  UK div.Cover

Her black wings                           US promo

Killer Wolf                               US promo

How the Gods kill                         US promo  1-track

How the Gods kill                         US promo (American Recordings)

How the Gods kill                         US

How the Gods kill                         US Boxset w/video

How the Gods kill                         JP incl. obi

How the Gods kill                         UK

A taste of Danzig III                     US promo  4-track

A taste of Danzig III                     US promo  5-track

Dirty black summer                        US digi-pack

Dirty black summer                        UK

Mother 94`                                US promo

Mother 94`                                UK with promo sheet

Mother 94`                                UK digi-pack

Mother 94`                                UK lim cardsleeve ed

4P                                        US promo (American Recordings)

4P                                        US digi-pack

4P                                        UK digi-pack

Until you call o.t. dark                  US promo

Can´t speak                               US promo   signed by Glenn

Can´t speak                               AU cardsleeve

Can´t speak                               UK

Blackacidevil                             US promo

Blackacidevil                             US (and 1 reissue)

Blackacidevil                             UK (and the promo tape)

The 7th house                             US promo

Sacrifice                                 US promo (and promo tape/rob zombie)

Sacrifice                                 US (and 1 reissue)

Selections from 6:66 Satans Child         US promo

Satans Child    6:66                      US

Satans Child    6:66                      US div Cover (internet)

Satans Child    6:66                      GE promo

Satans Child    6:66                      GE lim ed black case w/sticker

Satans Child    6:66                      GE reg. ed

Unspeakable                               US promo

Live on the Black Hand Side               US double live CD   on Restless

Wicked Pussycat                           US promo CD / 1-track f. I Luci.

3 Song Sampler                            US promo CD for 777:I Luciferi

I luciferi                                US promo  (2-track)  cardsleeve

777 I luciferi                            EU promo (full ver.) cardsleeve

777 I luciferi                            EU reg. ed.

Circle of Snakes                          US CD  3-track promo

Circle of Snakes                          US CD  slipcase ed.

Circle of Snakes                          EU CD

The Lost Tracks Of Danzig                 US promo do. CD

The Lost Tracks Of Danzig                 US do.CD ltd. DIGI-Book ed.


Silkscreened Poster

Danzig  02.19.´97  House of Blues , by Allen Jaeger / Electric Hellfire Club

Danzig  11.13.´99  Nation, by Thief & Wood  / Samhain + Hatebreed


Danzig                                    GE mc 828 124-4 1st.

Lucifuge                                  GE mc 846 375-4 1st.

How the Gods kill                         GE mc 512 270-4 1st.

Thrall Demonsweatlive                     GE mc 514 876-4 1st.

4P                                        GE mc american  1st.

Blackacidevil                             GE polydor full promo tape

Sacrifice / Don´t be afraid (unrel.tr.)   US PRCS-10663-4 promo tape

Glenn Danzig

Black Aria                                US CD 1st p. in original Longbox !!!!

Black Aria                                US CD 1st p. ( for trade )

Black Aria                                US LP 1st p.


All stuff from "Angels of the seventh Dawn" fanclub
14 div postcards from all over the world
Promofolder from Danzig I,II, Blackacidevil incl. ca.9 Promo pictures
" Danzig 4 " big foam rubber  promo-shop-display
small Upside Down Cross (metal ,pin)
2 div. Skull pins and a Ying Yang thong from german tour
The old and orig US Posters ,from I and Lucifuge
Some backstage-passes  / cloth & laminated
Guitar pic from John Christ    black/orange 
Guitar pic from Eerie Von    black/orange
9 div. 12" vinyl boots
Tons of articles from div. mags
Glanzig  -  Danzifuge CD ,cov.tracks
Gomez    -  S/T  LP  "Danzig I"  rip-of cover Yoda-skull !!
Danzig Lunchbox
Skull/Pentagramm new pin
Skull/Pentagramm new thong
Danzig 7 official Promo-photo

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