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Initium                        1st.press  black vinyl          12"

Initium                        sec.press  black vinyl          12"

Unholy Passion                 1st press  black vinyl          12" tan-sleeve

Unholy Passion                 sec.press  black vinyl          12" maron-sleeve

November coming Fire           1st.press  black vinyl          12" text/photo-insert

November coming Fire           sec.press  black vinyl          12"

November coming Fire           Revolver press. UK ed.          12"


Initium                        1st.press                      US CD

November coming fire           1st.press                      US CD

Final Descent                  1st.press                      US CD in orig. Longbox

Boxset                         1st ed. with pin               US  5 CDs 1 video

Unholy Passion                 E-Magine in jewel-case         US CD


Unholy Passion                 Blue vinyl / tan sleeve boot     12"

Newport 85´                    live boot splatter Clear vinyl   12"

Last Gasp                      live boot                         7"

Return of the Misfit           live boot    #ed. Blue  vinyl     7"

The Rebirthing                 Trib. double 7" Red/Orange vinyl  7"

The Rebirthing                 Trib. double 7" Black      vinyl  7"

Black Dream                    Live, Demos, Radio-stuff          CD

Devils Whorehouse              incl.Samhain covers /             CD  promo

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